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note from lena and milan

lena en milan2_edited.jpg

after lena and milan had a studio store for a few years, it was time for a change and so they decided to focus on studio work and continue their store online, named 'studio note'.

at studio note you are able to purchase handmade clothing by lena berens and unique handcrafted leather accessories by milan palma. 

besides that, studio note represents a selection of local designers, varying from jewelry to small pieces of art.

all of the collected handmade items show true craftsmanship from designers and artists from the region, working with sustainable and high-quality materials producing minimal waste.

to explore the online store, click here

to visit our offline store ;) click here


studio note is located in the jekerkwartier maastricht.


studio note

witmakersstraat 10

6211 JB maastricht

the netherlands

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